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Jeff Cosgrove

Protect your home with a smart smoke detector

by Jeffrey Cosgrove 09/02/2023

Smoke detectors are not a want, they are a need. Detectors protect you and your household in the case of smoke. The alarm sounds, alerting you and those close by something is wrong. 

This article provides a beginners guide to smart smoke detectors and why they are beneficial to your home. 

Are smart smoke alarms with the cost? 

Smart smoker and carbon monoxide detectors increase range of awareness when something is amidst in your home. A smart detector is connected to an app. The app can notify you even when you’re not home of smoke or a carbon monoxide leak. 

What do smoke alarms monitor? 

A smart smoke detector monitors smoke and carbon monoxide. Some of the best smart smoke detectors even do automatic battery checks to make sure the device is working properly. 

These functions can be connected to an app, making it easy for you to stay connected. 

For example, you may have left something on the stove before running to get groceries. If the item starts burning, your alarm will detect this. The alarm sends a signal to a mobile app sounding an alarm, alerting you there’s smoke in your home. 

Battery operated alarms

Battery powered smart alarms are a great alternative to plug in alarms. They can be used in spaces that don’t have wall outlets. This gives more opportunities for placement in homes, no matter the build. 

Protect your home today with smart smoke alarms. Keep safety in the palm of your hands.